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Mike Rodgers, Leeds

piano teacher in Leeds

organist and accompanist in Yorkshire area

Mike lrc 100_6673 phc2 Mike Rodgers, piano teacher in Leeds, uses the ABRSM examination board for piano exams ABRSM Certificate in graded piano exams

Piano Exam Preparation

Not all of Mike Rodgers' students take exams, but for those who do, the exams serve a variety of purposes.  

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For some, obtaining an examination certificate is a tangible recognition of the many hours of practice which lie behind a student's progress.  School students often want to pass the piano exams as an entry requirement to further education.

Intermediate students taking the ABRSM graded examinations will need to have passed Grade 5 theory before progressing to Grade 6 piano.  Mike incorporates music theory up to Grade 5 into the piano lessons, and teaches to Grade 6 for those students who wish to progress their study of music theory.

Whatever the reason, Mike Rodgers ensures that candidates who take piano exams are thoroughly prepared in all aspects of the examination.  Performing to an examiner usually becomes easier with experience, and Mike encourages students to take up any music making opportunities that arise in Leeds and the Yorkshire area.

Piano exams in Leeds take place at the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama, where Mike Rodgers is a piano teacher

The examination board which Mike Rodgers uses is the internationally recognised Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.  The ABRSM’s piano syllabus encourages students to develop as musicians so that they can obtain the widest benefit from their piano lessons.