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Mike Rodgers, Leeds

piano teacher in Leeds

organist and accompanist in Yorkshire area

Mike lrc 100_6673 phc2 Mike Rodgers' background as an organist in Leeds

Organ Playing Background

Mike Rodgers started training to play the organ at the age of 14, having already honed his keyboard skills through prowess on the piano, obtaining a Diploma whilst still at school in Leeds.

Mike Rodgers' long association with the church began at the age of seven, when he joined the church choir.  His formative years were spent building up a vast knowledge of the music required for all types of church service, both traditional and modern.

Although he was not to know it at the time, this experience has been invaluable to him in his career as church organist and accompanist.  Not only is Mike familiar with virtually all the repertoire used at church services, but he also understands the requirements of a singer and can apply this knowledge to his accompaniment of both church and secular choirs.

For more information about Mike Rodgers and the organ at St Edmund's Church, Leeds, visit Music & Choir at St Edmund's