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Mike Rodgers, Leeds

piano teacher in Leeds

organist and accompanist in Yorkshire area

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FAQs about learning the piano

For many people, taking piano lessons is a new experience, and Mike Rodgers welcomes the opportunity to answer any queries

See Piano Lessons for details about learning the piano with Mike Rodgers

I'm not sure I'd be able to co-ordinate my hands to play the piano - is this a common problem?

Many people worry about this aspect of playing the piano, but in fact we do with different things with each hand all the time without thinking about it.  Hand co-ordination when playing the piano comes partly with practice and partly by using the right techniques, which Mike will demonstrate.

How often would I have piano lessons?

Students at the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama in Leeds, where Mike Rodgers is a piano teacher, book a weekly slot, a term at a time.  Under special circumstances, for example in the case of an adult whose work involves frequent travel, it may be possible to book ad hoc lessons, although progress is likely to be slower.

Please see Acoustic vs Digital Piano for advice about which type of piano  to practise on

I've always wanted to learn the piano but never had time.  Now that I'm retired, is it too late?

Mike Rodgers has many students who have taken up piano lessons later in life, often when the children have left home or after retirement. It's never too late to start learning to play the piano.

If you have any other questions about piano lessons in Leeds for yourself or a child, please feel free to call or text Mike Rodgers on 07840 048711, or email him from the Contact page