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Mike Rodgers, Leeds

piano teacher in Leeds

organist and accompanist in Yorkshire area

Mike lrc 100_6673 phc2 Mike Rodgers is a church organist in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire

Church Organist

Mike Rodgers is the Organist at St Edmund's Parish Church, Roundhay, Leeds.  He has been an active church musician in churches throughout Yorkshire for over 16 years.

Mike is familiar with the repertoire for all types of church service for Christian denominations:  Church of England, Roman Catholic and Methodist.  He works primarily in Leeds churches but is willing to travel to churches within Yorkshire by special arrangement.

He is skilled at playing all types and sizes of church organ, both pipe organ and electronic organ.  He is also an accomplished pianist and can play either organ or piano.

Mike Rodgers is expert at sightreading organ music, enabling him to undertake church organ duties at short notice.

For further information about Mike Rodgers as an Organist, see Organ Playing Background.  Also see Profile for general background information about Mike Rodgers

Mike Rodgers is a professional accompanist on both organ and piano for church choirs.