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Mike Rodgers, Leeds

piano teacher in Leeds

organist and accompanist in Yorkshire area

Mike lrc 100_6673 phc2 Piano teacher Mike Rodgers gives lessons on an acoustic piano in Leeds

Acoustic vs Digital Piano

Piano in Mike's Lessons

Many adults or parents whose children take up learning the piano for the first time wonder if they will need to buy an acoustic piano to practise on, or whether a keyboard or a digital piano will be sufficient.

A digital piano may suffice if it has a full-length keyboard and full size keys which are touch-sensitive and weighted.  Pupils who live in a flat or have other family members often opt for a digital piano due to the facility to play silently and so avoid disturbing others.

Electronic keyboards and many digital pianos, however, do not have the touch and sensitivity of an acoustic piano.   Mike Rodgers will be happy to advise on the pros and cons of digital vs acoustic pianos so that students or parents can make the best choice to suit individual circumstances.

Lessons with Mike Rodgers are always held on a tuned acoustic piano.

At the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama in Leeds where Mike is a piano teacher, lessons are held on a Kawai grand piano.  


Lessons elsewhere in north Leeds are normally held on an upright acoustic piano.

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